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Welcome to Geothermal Specialist, Inc. - your full service source for geothermal heating and cooling products.  It is our goal to provide technical information, design assistance, installation, and service for those desiring to take advantage of the efficiency and reliability of geothermal energy systems.

Gas, propane and fuel oil systems burn non-renewable fuel.  Geothermal systems transfer solar heat stored in the earth.  With a small amount of electricity this heat is transferred by means of a refrigeration system into your home or business.  There is a savings of 2/3 of your energy bill when comparing a geothermal system to a high efficiency natural gas furnace and over 80% when comparing a geo to high efficiency propane furnace.

While much information can be distilled into a few pages on this site, we welcome your inquiries to us directly by using the Contact Us page.  We want to be of service to you, whether you are a home owner, architect or contractor, Geothermal Specialist Inc. is here to help you make use of this dynamic technology.

Use the links above to trace through general information about how geothermal systems work and their potential applications to residential and commercial applications.

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